We are so pleased that you have trusted the care of your child to us. Our name is derived from our fundamental belief that one of a pediatrician’s prime responsibilities is not only to care for your kids when sick but also to help them grow strong and healthy. Being moms ourselves, we understand the joys and challenges involved in parenting. We want to help you enjoy the fun parts more fully and help make the tough parts more bearable.

The joys that come with parenting many times include their rapid growth and development. In what we call “well visits” (or “physicals” for the older child) we track the progress of what developmental milestones they have achieved and outline the plans and goals for the next well visit interval.   At this visit we also track the weight and growth and make sure that they are physically developing as they should.  Further, we care how you and your child are developing emotionally as well and can help with specific behavior issues or parenting struggles that you may be wrestling with.

From personal experience we can say that some of the most heart wrenching times associated with parenting occur when your child is sick. We recognize that and want to be available to you to help make your child better and ease suffering whenever possible.  We will fit your child in to our schedule to be seen on the same day that you call if we feel that he or she needs to be seen that day. When you call after hours, you will receive a call back from either Dr. Carter or Dr. McClure within a short time and we will help you over the phone or bring you in to the office if need be.  We recognize that your job as a parent doesn’t end at 5pm and our job as your child’s pediatrician doesn’t end at that time either.