Comments on the Petition for Denise Scott Brown

"I totally support this action. The fact that one of the most creative and productive partnerships we have ever seen in architecture was separated rather than celebrated by a prize has been an embarrassing injustice which it would be great to undo."

-Rem Koolhaas

"We Are All Denise"

-Beatriz Colomina

"Denise Scott Brown is my inspiring and equal partner."

-Robert Venturi

"Dear Denise, with great pleasure and especially with a lot of admiration for your influence and impact on our discipline, we sign this letter. Best, Jacques and Pierre."

-Jacques Herzog and Pierre De Meuron

"Chairman MAO once said: Women can hold up half the sky. It is suitable to describe the situation of the contemporary architects."

-Wang Shu

"This is justice to recognize that Denise Scott Brown's presence has been crucial in the work of the office of Venturi Scott Brown."

-Rafael Moneo

"one tiny bit of justice in a world of hype."

-Kyna Leski

"As women (and men working alongside women) in the Architecture field, we are proud to have been witness to, as well as participants in, the recognition and advancement of women in the sphere of the working world. It is wonderful for us to see women, even retroactively, receiving the honor and recognition they deserve."

-SHoP principals

"Because without Denise Scott Brown there would be no Robert Venturi."

-Stephan Wurster

"I prefer 'both-and' to 'either-or'"

-Vincent Lacovara

"Clearly, Scott Brown has been a very important figure who worked collaboratively with Venturi. Her work on Las Vegas, and in particular, her theorization of the "Decorated Shed" as a paradigm of architectural form and practice, is canonic and has proven to be of lasting significance."

-Preston Scott Cohen

"She is the closest thing I have to a hero!"

-Barbara Penner

"It is not even that without Denise Scott Brown, Robert Venturi wouldn't have been who he was. It's that without Denise Scott Brown, contemporary architecture would not have become what it did."

-Eva Hagberg

"Why this matters is basically to give credit where credit is due. Our own office, IwamotoScott Architecture, is one where my partner (and wife), Lisa Iwamoto, and I collaborate together on all of the work; and, as it sounds from interviews like the way Denise and Robert worked, some projects she has more input, and some I do - in the end, definitely difficult to separate out our individual efforts behind the work. So in a situation such as this, any recognition and/or accolades received by the firm should be given equally to both partners."

-Craig Scott

"I think it is time to get rid of the phrase that behind every great man is a great woman. Why do we have to be behind?"

-Elinor Hays

"I support the petition: this is one of the most creative partnership in the history of architecture and should be recognized it as a partnership."

-Renzo Piano

"Ms. Scott Brown is one in a long line of female architects that have been dismissed or overlooked simly because of their gender. Regardless of any "difficulty" in making sure she is recognized, I simply regard this as a long overdue correction to an egregious error on the part of ther Pritzker committee."

-Lida Lewis

"Acknowledging Denise Scott-Brown's role is not only a righting of history; but a necessary step in disrupting the myth of the single auteur in architecture. The profession and the prize require such re-calibration. We should start with Denise and Lu Wenyu."

-Michael Murphy

"Because we can—not only because we should—hold our institution to its claimed mission of recognizing the architects who make significant contributions to humanity. Great time for a change!"

-Bradley Schnell

"The 19th and 20th centuries have been full of opportunities and actions aimed to right historic wrongs. Recognizing Denise is a perfect opportunity for the Pritzker Prize to correct this particularly glaring oversight."

-Penny Bach

"Because I Would like to see justice."

-Wilma Lucia Leitão Kruger